11 września 2023, 8:34


REJESTRACJA : Digital Finance and Banking in WEB3 – 03.10.2023.

Conference for Professionals BILETY

First international conference dedicated to institutional adoption of digital assets in Warsaw.

  • How to tokenize traditional assets like bonds and equities?
  • Are deposit tokens a game changer for payments?
  • How will digital EUR impact Polish zloty and other currencies in the region?
  • Will CBDC replace traditional national currencies?
  • Are stablecoins helping BRIC to challenge the USD?
  • Is digital custody safe?
  • How to ensure Digital Assets compliance with AML?
  • What career opportunities arise in WEB3 banking?

Leading banks, financial institutions, digital product and service providers, policy and technology experts, finance professionals, lawyers and investors meeting to learn, debate and build relationships needed to succeed in the next generation of finance in WEB3.

Topics ranging from regulation, tax, legal, compliance to financial asset tokenisation, risk management, digital custody, portfolio management and asset valuation.

One day event full of expert knowledge from our speakers and panelist from:

London Stock ExchangeAccenturePKO BPKIRSuperfundHungarian Central Bank amongst others.

This event is held in English and is dedicated to finance professionals, experienced investors and asset managers. . Registration subject to approval – professional email address required.